Helping you to put your pieces together

Sometimes our thoughts feelings or behaviours can  become confused, often leaving us feeling anxious or depressed.   Counselling is a talking therapy that offers you the time and space to explore how you think and feel and is a place where you can talk and, be heard.   The counselling journey is often a process that provides you with the opportunity to become more self-aware and gain clarity of thought.   As your counsellor I will support you as you put the pieces of your puzzle together.

your journey

You can be confident that I will hear you, work with you and support you in your counselling goals and, on your counselling journey.

time to reflect

In a safe and confidential space you will have the time to talk and reflect on your individual experience, to understand what this means for you.


Our relationship can

offer you the conditions you need to feel comfortable to explore, discover and develop yourself as a person.