About you


Are you thoughts, feelings or behaviours confusing you? Has a life experience or event impacted on your daily life?  Or, are you struggling 

with the pressure of social expectations?  Whatever issue, concern or difficulty you are currently facing, you do not have to do so alone.


Finding a way though challenging times can be difficult and finding your path again, can seem an impossible task.   Often people are reluctant to share their experience with others because they are fearful of being a burden or, of being judged.


As your counsellor I can offer you a relationship that will be real, empathic and without  judgement.   You will have the time to reflect, feel and be heard to help gain self-understanding.  You will also be given the space to explore, discover and develop who you are as a person.


If you choose to work with me you can be confident that I will work with you in your counselling goals and support you on your counselling journey.